Mayfield Aims Spots at Hispanic Market

Mayfield Dairy Farms, in the first Hispanic marketing campaign for its ice cream line, will play up the company’s family heritage and taste with the tag, “Helados Mayfield, llenos con mas de lo major” (Mayfield Ice Cream, full of more of the best), the company said.

Breaking this week from CreatAbility, Miami, Fla., the print, radio, and outdoor effort will tout flavors such as Turtle Tracks, Hog Heaven and Caramel Coyote, made with chocolate, nuts, cookie and candy pieces. Sold largely in the Southeast, Tennessee-based Mayfield Farms, a member of Dean Foods’ national diary cooperative, will launch in Miami, Georgia and South Carolina in local newspapers and radio. Outdoor will feature the brand’s colorful yellow and brown packaging and the Jersey cow on its logo.

“The values of the brand are pretty universal,” said Alejandro Barreras, creative director at CreatAbility. “It’s good old-fashioned home-made ice cream with high quality ingredients.” Radio spots feature Scottie Mayfield, president of Mayfield, accompanied by a Spanish translator.