Mayer Makes It E-Life or Death

In its first effort for digital solution provider, Peter A. Mayer Advertising captures the volatility of the high-tech world with a simple message: Live or die.

Spending for the campaign has been estimated at $2 million.

A pair of 30-second TV spots for the Atlanta-based client began running locally this month. Print will appear in Fast Company and Red Herring as well as local business books.

In the first ad, IT manager “Ted” snoozes in a hammock while a voiceover reveals his true condition: “From the relaxed look on his face, you might think Ted partnered with Sadly, that didn’t happen. Now, Ted is dead.”

A second spot portrays “Denise” reclining in apparent bliss on a warm beach. She too is dead.

The New Orleans shop hopes to level the playing field for the startup against larger, higher profile rivals like Exodus Communications, Digex and Global Crossing.

“We needed to give them brand recognition to help overcome cold calls,” said Josh Mayer, group creative director. “The market’s ads were filled with techno babble, so we opted for something direct and simple.”

Mayer account supervisor Tom Martin focused on the need to make critical choices. “To the IT managers, the decision of selecting a hosting company was the equivalent of a life or death decision, professionally,” he said. “We took that idea of death to an illogical extreme to juxtapose [it] against quality of life. The message is: ‘Choose us and enjoy life. We’ll worry while you relax.’ “