Match Advertises Theraseed in Texas Market

ATLANTA Theragenics Corp. plans to launch a new advertising campaign for its Theraseed prostate cancer treatment next month using champion bull rider Owen Washburn as its spokesman, the company said.

The ads were conceived and produced by Match Inc. in Atlanta and will be placed on television, radio and in print in the San Antonio area throughout October. The campaign could be expanded to other areas if it is successful in the Texas market.

The ad buy includes the ABC, NBC and CBS local network affiliates, two radio stations and an ad in the San Antonio Express-News daily paper. The media budget was not disclosed, but the company spent $3 million on advertising last year and $2 million during the first seven months of this year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

All the ads feature Washburn, 32, who does not have prostate cancer. The company wanted him as a spokesman because most of his fans are men over 50, the age when they are most at risk for prostate cancer.

Theraseed, a radioactive implant that attacks the cancer, is an alternative to traditional surgery, which requires several days of hospitalization and weeks of recovery. The treatment is said not to impair daily activities.

It’s the second campaign that Match has created for Theraseed since the agency was awarded the account without a review two years ago.