Mason Scores in Finance Fields

BOSTON Mason & Madison has scored assignments from HSB Global Standards and Mortgage Lenders Network USA.

HSB, a Hartford, Conn.-based unit of Hartford Steam Boiler & Insurance Co., provides risk reduction services for the global engineering field. Mortgage Lenders of Middletown, Conn., provides “non-conforming” mortgage loans for customers with impaired credit or other specialized needs.

The accounts could be worth more than $1 million combined to the independent shop in New Haven, Conn., according to Charlie Mason, agency president.

“We were referred to HSB by their Internet group, which we have done work for over the last few years,” Mason said. The shop’s role with HSB now expands to include advertising, public relations and collateral support.

The agency was referred to Mortgage Lenders Network, by “an internal management employee who knew us from a past relationship,” Mason said. Recruitment ads and trade-show work are on tap for that client.

Both clients said they chose Mason & Madison based in large part on the agency’s track record in financial services. The wins are important for the shop because they will allow the agency to create “integrated and coordinated” campaigns and keep new-business momentum alive, Mason said.