Mason Readies Print Campaign for Sprague

Mason & Madison has unveiled its first advertising for Sprague Energy.

A series of print ads uses the new tagline, “Demand more than supply,” to illustrate the Portsmouth, N.H., company’s transition in the past few years from a petroleum, natural gas and electricity supplier to a provider of value-added and cost-control services to businesses. Campaign spending was not disclosed.

One ad shows a bird’s-eye view of a group of playful children. The headline reads, “Oil, coal and natural gas aren’t the only futures we invest in.” Copy describes Sprague’s commitment to commun ity involvement, including fostering safe neighborhoods and preserving the environment.

Another ad shows a neighborhood with snow-covered roofs and smoking chimneys. “While you’re tending to customer demands, who’s watching out for your needs?” is the headline. Text describes Sprague’s resources, including its network of deep-water port and the quality of its customer service.

“It’s not just about price per gallon and fuel delivery anymore,” said agency representative Fran Ono-frio. “It’s more of a customer-value positioning.”

The work will break in the January issues of Oil & Energy, Fuel Oil News and other trade publications in the Northeast. Ad efforts exclusively target potential business customers, Onofrio said.

Jamie Klim served as creative director; Richard Gamer wrote the copy, teaming with art director Elmer Grubbs.

In addition to creating the print campaign, the New Haven, Conn., agency is handling media buying, public relations and collateral support for the client.

Mason has worked for the company since 2000, when Sprague selected the shop to develop an internal communications program. That project soon grew into a lead-agency relationship. Previously, Sprague’s ac count was at Filias Advertising in Portsmouth, which employed “Put our energy to work for you” as a tagline.

Other Mason clients include Com cast, Anthem Health, Polyclad Tech nologies and Black & Decker’s Em hart Technologies division.