Martin Creative Unveils Beauty Ads: Print Work Focuses on ThermoLase’s Salons and Technology

LOS ANGELES-Martin Creative L.A., a satellite office of The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., has completed a print campaign for cosmetics and skin-care company ThermoLase.
Three executions for the client’s Spa Thira salons broke in the September issues of women’s and fashion magazines such as Martha Stewart Living and Vogue. Additional print ads will break later this year.
The estimated $5-6 million advertiser moved its ad account from Lois/EJL in Los Angeles to Martin without a review, according to David Stern, director of marketing for ThermoLase. Stern joined the La Jolla, Calif.-based company two months ago.
“We liked the idea that [Martin’s] L.A. office is a creative think tank,” Stern said. “We get the creative attention of a small agency headed by a wonderful creative director, with backup services from their Virginia office,” he added.
Martin’s Richmond office handles media buying for the client.
ThermoLase operates salons throughout the country under the Spa Thira name and offers exclusive services including a laser-based hair-removal system called SoftLight and other cosmetic and skin-care products using state-of-the-art technology.
One of the print executions, a color spread, features an intense close-up of an envious woman’s eye and arched brow. The ad’s headline reads, “The results show on other women’s faces.”
The copy describes “the satisfaction of another woman’s glare” and explains the benefits of SoftLight. The tagline for all the ads is “Spa Thira. The beauty of technology.”
“We’re trying to speak to women and men in a progressive, unique way for the beauty and cosmetics industry,” Stern said.
“We saw an opportunity to translate the very direct, technological benefit into real and emotional human terms,” said Jean Robaire, creative director at Martin Creative L.A. “Rather than relying on clichƒs of model shots, we chose to strike a nerve with our consumer about the real reasons they want to be beautiful.”
Sally Hogshead was copywriter on the effort; Shyam Madiraju was creative director.