Mars Targets Hispanic Market

TRENTON, New Jersey — Candy giant Mars Inc. is going after a growing sector of the U.S. population with a new style of its multicolored favorites: M&Ms made with dulce de leche and marketed only to Hispanics.

The new M&M’s — in which dulce de leche is a sweet Latin American variety of caramel that means candy milk — will be placed in mid-August in stores in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Rico, San Antonio, and Brownsville, Texas.

The company claims to be the first major confectioner to sell the uniquely Hispanic flavor.

Mars spokesman Scott Hudler said the ad campaign for dulce de leche M&Ms will cost more than $5 million, keeping Mars among Procter & Gamble Co., AT&T Corp., Philip Morris Cos. and General Motors Corp. as U.S. companies that have targeted products to Hispanics.

Mars has already done that with its Snickers candy bars.

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