CES Is Becoming a Startup Showcase, and Even Big Brands Are Glad

Stopping by Adweek's video headquarters at the Aria in Las Vegas, Dave Vanderwaal, vp of marketing for LG Electronics USA's home entertainment and appliances division, said he took in his sixth Consumer Electronics Show and found the nature of the conference has undergone a surprising shift. Where once it was home only to big brand names rolling out their latest product-line updates, today's CES is a showcase for cutting-edge startups.

And though he says LG's Internet-connected devices and appliances adhere to rigid security standards in terms of data collection and privacy, he believes it's incumbent on all manufacturers to come up with better solutions, "and I don't think it's there yet, frankly."

Vanderwaal was wowed by Hyundai's new feature that not only remotely starts a car but pulls it up or down the driveway.