Maritz Explains How Incentives Programs Are Going Green

As organizations place greater emphasis on corporate sustainability and responsibility, eco-friendly practices are also emerging full-force in employee incentive programs. Kurt Hosna, director of global rewards for Maritz, a leading sales and marketing services company in St. Louis, Missouri discusses the latest developments in the workplace:

Brandweek: What factors are contributing to the interest in eco-friendly employee incentive programs?

Kurt Hosna:  In most cases eco-friendly practices are an extension of a corporation’s green initiatives.

BW: How are companies going green with their employee incentive programs?

KH: Companies are using our global reward portfolio which offers green rewards that are available to all incentive and recognition program participants. Our rewards include items that are green certified such as electronics and carbon credits that can be purchases to offset carbon production. Clients also want print communications to be eco-friendly.

BW: Do employees value eco-friendly incentive programs?

KH: Yes, we are seeing an interest in socially-conscious rewards such as donations; reward items from merchants who donate profits to good causes; as well as eco-friendly rewards. This interest from program participants signals a personal commitment to socially conscious rewards.

BW: What are some benefits for companies in implementing eco-friendly employee incentive programs?

KH: One benefit for companies is knowing that their corporate values and policies on green initiatives are being extended beyond the corporate environment. Corporations are looking at their entire supply chain and trying to ensure that they utilize the same vendors that share the same outlook on green.

BW: Can you discuss the different ways that Maritz can help eco-conscious companies engage their employees?

KH: Whenever we utilize eco-friendly products or services, we usually communicate to participants that the products and services provided are eco-friendly. This communication will help engage socially conscious employees but also reinforces the client’s commitment to their green initiatives or policies.

BW: Where do you see eco-friendly employee incentive programs in the future?

KH: I think we will see more aspects of incentive programs become more eco-friendly such as the use of carbon credits to offset carbon production, continued use of eco-friendly paper in communications; more green rewards in our portfolio; and an expectation from our clients that their incentive program is eco-friendly as many ways as possible.