Marchex Expands, Intros OpenList

NEW YORK Local Web content and ad specialist Marchex said it has significantly expanded its network of sites, just as the company plans to roll out, a search engine designed to direct consumers to local businesses.

Marchex manages a network of 100,000-plus locally oriented sites, such as and, which the company dynamically populates with content using an automated set of tools it rolled out back in June. Each site also carries locally targeted paid search ads.

Now, the company plans to add 50,000 more sites to the network, while it launches an umbrella site—OpenList—that aggregates its growing collection of local listings information. “OpenList will be a national site for local content that targets every geography,” said Peter Christothoulou, Marchex chief strategy officer.

In addition, Christothoulou said Marchex would begin incorporating listings from all types of local businesses, leading to a potential 15 million listings in total through the combination of its network and the new search engine. “Our goal is to be the largest local traffic resource, and the largest source of local advertising,” he added. To date, Marchex claims more than 30,000 advertisers.