Mapping Americans’ Economic Negativity

Granted, there’s not much economic cheeriness to be found anywhere in the U.S. these days. There is, however, a significant amount of variation from state to state in the degree of gloom. A Gallup report, aggregating tracking-poll data accumulated throughout the year, sheds light on this by assigning a “net negative” rating to each state. This is calculated by the simple method of subtracting the percentage of respondents who are positive about the nation’s economy from the percentage who are negative about it.

The worst net negative scores are to be found in Rhode Island (84), Maine (77), Michigan (75), Vermont (75) and Massachusetts (74). The least-bad net negatives turn up in Utah (49), North Dakota (52), Texas (52), Wyoming (54) and New Mexico (54).

Nationally, 8 percent of Gallup respondents voiced positive views of the U.S. economy and 73 percent expressed negative views about it during the period covered by the polling, while the rest offered “mixed” opinions.