Chooses Swirl as Its Dancing Partner

Swirl displayed all the right moves in winning the account, after a search involving several Northern California shops.
Billings are estimated at $5-10 million.
“I’ve always been impressed with [Swirl’s] ability to do soup to nuts … [and] to be creative in various places,” said Mambo representative Maggie Young.
The hopes to serve as the premier online personal and corporate event planning service, and will likely rely on Swirl to create a combined Internet and print campaign, Young added.
Mambo, based in Menlo Park, Calif., and named for the flashy, energetic Cuban dance of the 1940s, wants Swirl to build upon its festive theme to create an unforgettable consumer brand. Young said Mambo wants to create a buzz around people’s dinner parties and events.
Mambo’s Web site ( allows users to select from a variety of colorful lunch, dinner and party invitations to be sent via the Internet to multiple guests. The client is relying on the public’s ever-growing dependence on the Internet, Young said.
Eric Roos of Swirl, which also handles and, among other clients, said the first work for Mambo will launch in the second quarter.
“Mambo is a fun, interesting site that will easily stand out,” he said. “We’re going to make it stand out in the minds of the consumers that it’s the only place to go when you’re thinking of getting people together. It’s the most vibrant player in a vibrant category.”
The account is considered a coup for Swirl, which is one of the newer and smaller agencies to aggressively pursue advertising dollars.
Young said the company is convinced the online world is an ideal locale for its service. “People are really living their lives on the Internet, whether that be shopping or socializing,” she said. “We’re helping them create a buzz for their particular event.”
Launched in October, Mambo tapped Kim Kapoor, former global marketing vice president at Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery, to head its search. Kapoor now serves as the company’s vice president of brand marketing. K