Making Shopping Lists, Then Ignoring Them

Getting onto consumers’ shopping lists is a key ambition for many brands. But those lists are often a very rough draft, judging from a report released last month by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

In the food/beverages category, for example, most respondents to the report’s survey said they make a list before going to the store. But just 28 percent make a “detailed list,” whether on paper or digital. Another 48 percent make “a rough list” on paper or in digital form. Twenty percent make “a mental list,” and 4 percent make no list at all.

Moreover, there’s much disparity between what’s on a consumer’s list and what makes it into the shopping cart. “Approximately one-third of the respondents said they actually purchased less than one-half of the items on their lists,” says the report, based on October fieldwork by Booz & Co. and SheSpeaks.

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