Making Progress

AIDS orphans around the world need help. And according to a new campaign for Al bina’s Action for Orphans, an initiative of AFXB Worldwide, the world needs to be there for them.

The effort, by Frederick Doner New Media, launched this month in New York. It included an endeavor to obtain 2 million signatures on two 25-foot-long ribbon petitions, which call for financial, healthcare and other assistance to AIDS orphans and children affected by AIDS. (The petitions were recently presented to Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, in New York during the UN Special Session on Children.)

The guerrilla campaign also includes banners and posters. One banner asks, “What is the value of an orphan on the NY Stock Exchange?” A poster shows a child with a gun in a street. Copy reads, “Tired of hearing about terrorism? So is he.”

The effort will continue to run in New York and will break globally on a city-by-city basis starting next month, calling attention to the plight of AIDS orphans, among others, said Frederick Doner, the New York shop’s president.

AFXB, formed by Countess Albina du Boisrouv ray, operates programs in 20 countries.