Maier Intros HealthIS Software

Maier Marketing & Communications has unveiled a print campaign for HealthIS, a provider of healthcare information management software.

Ads by the Farmington, Conn., shop target physicians as well as CEOs, CIOs, office administrators, medical professionals and financial personnel.

One execution introduces the client’s EMR+ electronic health records system, which can be customized to fit practices’ medical specialties.

The ad shows a physician seated in a desk chair with a tropical beach scene superimposed in the background. “A health records system fully customized to our practice … I’d say that’s a pretty big plus,” states the text. “Compared to the old way, this is paradise.”

Two other ads picture a Magic 8-Ball to illustrate upgrades to various HealthIS products. One headline asks, “What’s the sure way to choose a surgical information management system?” The 8-Ball’s response: “Ask some users.” The ad concludes with the line, “When it comes to a big decision, leave nothing to chance.”

The ads are appearing in Healthcare Informatics, Health Data Management, Physicians Practice Digest, Outpatient Care Technology and other publications. The budget was not disclosed, but is likely in the six-figure range.

Maier has worked for Wallingford, Conn.-based HealthIS for three years.