Lyon TV: Trust In Brake Check

Lyon Advertising in Austin, Texas, has launched a TV branding campaign for Brake Check five months after beginning project work for the car repair chain.
Two 30-second ads and two 10-second spots continue the company’s long-playing “We do it right” tagline and will run into 1999.
The work will air in Brake Check’s Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and San Marcos, Texas, markets. Billings were undisclosed. Agency principal Doug Lyon said print and radio ads may be added in the future.
In one 30-second spot, a woman sits anxiously in the waiting room of “Cheatim’s Garage.” After poking her head into the work area, a mechanic in bank robber garb–a nylon stretched over his face, black leather gloves on his hands–delivers a grim diagnosis for her car and asks, “You have cash?”
Lyon said the creative addresses a general distrust of car repair chains that turned up in focus groups. The ads aim to set Brake Check apart from less-reputable automotive centers, Lyon said, by using humor and promoting the chain’s “Do it right” program, a 10-point service pledge to customers.
Lyon was signed to handle projects for the San Antonio-based company in November and parlayed that relationship into lead creative agency status. Brake Check’s media continues to be handled internally.
The 39-unit chain plans to open six new locations in 1998.