LVCVA “Pearly Gates”

It can’t be easy to keep a long-running campaign fresh. A new spot in Las Vegas’s “What happens here, stays here” series (via R&R Partners) hits on an audacious way of doing so: Having, over the years, exhausted so many of the plot possibilities that involve live people, the campaign focuses on a newly dead person. The “stays here” part of the slogan gets vivid treatment as an official at the pearly gates pages through the recording angel’s book of a man’s just-ended life and discovers (to the deceased’s evident relief) that “there seem to be a few weekends missing.” The guy looks relatively young to have kicked the bucket, which will make some viewers wonder whether a happens-here-stays-here lifestyle somehow contributed to his early demise. On the other hand, he doesn’t have the regretful look of somehow who wishes he’d had more fun before dying, so we can surmise that his weekends at Las Vegas left him with the sense of having enjoyed a full life. Not many travel destinations would have the nerve to make such a claim, even implicitly, which simply underscores the city’s positioning as a one-of-a-kind venue. –Mark Dolliver