Luxury is the focus of the first work for Ford

Luxury is the focus of the first work for Ford Motor Co.’s Jaguar from Euro RSCG Fuel since it won the estimated $100 million account in March.

Following a teaser campaign that broke in mid-September and posed the question, “What is gorgeous?”, six print and two outdoor ads break today in the U.S. and Europe. Two to four more will break Nov. 1. The ads position Jaguar as a glamorous luxury brand, do not focus on specific models or features, and center around one word: Gorgeous. In one ad, sleek men and women lounge by a pool; another shot shows a Jaguar nearby. Copy reads, “Gorgeous doesn’t care what others are doing,” and refers readers to Another ad reads, “Gorgeous makes effort look effortless.”

“We just unearthed the idea that people tend to refer to the models of this brand as ‘gorgeous,’ more than they do for any other brand,” said ecd Jeff Kling. “People don’t call BMW or Mercedes ‘gorgeous.'”

Previous ads for Jaguar, which ranked 10th out of luxury cars, according to Ward’s Automotive Reports, focused on a “Can you resist?” theme. “With the new ads, what we wanted to do was find a way to express Jaguar that’s contemporary, modern, glamorous and beautiful,” said Heather Harkovich, Jaguar marketing communications manager.

Ford spent $100 million in measured media in 2004 and about $45 million between January and July 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.