Lugz Breaks Bridge Spots

Lugz Footwear next month will break an estimated $5 million TV and print campaign highlighting the Bridge, which is its navy/denim Nubuck shoe.

A 30-second spot, entitled “The Beat” and produced by Avrett Free and Ginsberg with Voodoo Arts Productions, shows an urban landscape coming alive, literally pulsing with “the beat,” while the Lugz hero moves through the streets. Rapper KRS-One provides the background music. Throughout the spot, anticipation leads to a climax in which the shoes become the main interest of an attractive young woman.

To make the screen appear to pulsate, Voodoo Arts uses a variety of digital “tricks,” for which they employed Discreet Logic and Shake software.

Bernard Nadeau directed the spot; Richard Ostiguy was executive producer. Both are fromVoodoo.

“The Beat” will run on BET Rap City, BET Live, MTV’s TRL, Tough Enough and JackAss, the MTV Video Music Awards in September, and more. Other buys include WWF programming, Comedy Central’s South Park and Battlebox, MuchMusic and NY Undercover.

The print ad, photographed by Jeremy Wolff, will run in Source, Vibe, XXL, Slam, Spin and other publications.

Lugz is an urban footwear brand of Jack Schwartz Shoes in New York that targets males ages 15-25.