Love And War

In Steven Spielberg’s summer blockbuster Saving Private Ryan, men lose arms, legs and lives. In Meyer & Wallis’ “The Davis Cup” commercial, the only potential loss is of face. But the 75-second ad for the upcoming U.S. vs. Italy Davis Cup tennis match at Milwaukee Arena takes the position that it’s war nonetheless.
The ad, which the Milwaukee agency shot in the fashion of a movie trailer, will air beginning this week during previews at 101 Marcus movie theaters throughout Wisconsin.
The local Davis Cup committee turned to Meyer & Wallis because of the shop’s work for the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. Marcus agreed to air the commercial at no charge.
The spot is simple but dramatic. Backed by a militaristic score, white captions on a black background suggest that “The fate of the U.S. rests in the hands of four civilians, four men with the courage to fight for their nation. … One nation under God, now under siege.”
The four men are, of course, players armed with rackets, hoping to knock off the Italians and advance in the international contest.
“This isn’t about world domination,” says the final caption. “It’s about world bragging rights.” –Trevor Jensen