Lot21 Reshuffles Executive Duties

NEW YORK–A major San Francisco professional services agency has added the position of president to its chief operating officer’s duties, while its former president will continue as CEO, the company said this week.

Lot21 has installed Eric Wheeler, who is also the company’s COO, as president. Former president Kate Everett-Thorp will continue to operate as CEO, the position she has held since the firm’s inception three years ago.

“Kate will set the vision for the company and the strategic direction. I am overseeing the expansion of new services and product offerings into different digital platforms,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler and Everett-Thorp started Lot21 three years ago with three other partners. Wheeler formerly worked as director of partner management at Snap! Online (now NBCi) and held management positions at Anderson & Lembke and Young & Rubicam before that.

“We’re doing a lot of work with emerging technologies–for example, handheld devices such as the Palm–for companies such as CNET and InterWare,” said Everett-Thorp. “Eric will lead the charge in this area.”

–Janis Mara