Lopez Negrete Issues Visa’s Hispanic Mag

DALLAS Lopez Negrete Communications has created a free 16-page Spanish-language magazine as part of the agency’s Hispanic financial education campaign for Visa USA, the agency said.

Vias will have a circulation of 100,000 and will be distributed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Washington, D.C., the agency said. Based in Houston, Lopez Negrete is an independent agency specializing in Hispanic marketing.

Launched in June, Visa’s campaign is designed to help educate Hispanics who are accustomed to cash-based finances, the agency said. The effort includes a partnership with councils of the League of United Latin American Citizens in 10 key Hispanic markets; a series of financial wellness columns offered to Spanish-language media; and a Hispanic testimonial initiative.

Visa cites estimates that 20 million Hispanics in the U.S. do not have bank accounts.

Vias features stories about Hispanics who used financial services to help overcome difficult circumstances, the agency said.

“Having witnessed the failure of financial institutions in their native countries, many Hispanics still believe that the safest place to save their money is at home,” the agency said.

“Hispanics share certain personal motivations for coming to the United States and succeeding,” said Elyssa Gray, vice president, Visa USA. “Ensuring a legacy for their children, starting their own business and building a better quality of life for their families rank among the most important motives, and these are common themes in Vias.”

Latino grocers Vallarta Supermarkets and Fiesta Mart will distribute the magazine in Los Angeles and Houston, respectively. Hoy newspaper will introduce the publication in New York on Saturday. La Raza will distribute it in Chicago on Friday, and Washington Hispanic will bring Vias to the nation’s capital on Sunday.