Looking at the sexual MasterCard ad, the men

Looking at the sexual MasterCard ad, the men spent a lot of time on the sexual imagery, starting with the model’s breasts, then going either to her face above or the hamburger below, largely ignoring any text. The women largely avoided the sexual imagery. The differences were less pronounced for the nonsexual ad, although the viewing paths did diverge. Men first explored the model’s body, including her knees, before eventually reaching the logo. Women almost immediately began exploring the text elements of the ad. But the differences in time spent on certain regions of the ad were smaller.

The cigarette ads offer similar findings in terms of viewing paths and attention by region. However, the sexual cigarette ad brought a more welcome response from women than the sexual ads in most of the other categories did. In terms of ad like, product like and purchase intent, the women’s answers closely tracked the men’s in this case. This may be because the ad is a drawing, and in an old 1940s pin-up girl style, and not seen by men or women as a “hard” sexual ad.