Loan Site Ads Bloom

Mullen’s first ads for focus on consumers’ desire to turn the tables on bank executives.
Ads depict loan officers pleading for consumers’ business and carry the tagline, “When banks compete, you win.” The $40 million national campaign premiered last week.
Jim Hartrich, Mullen’s senior vice president and group account director, credits the Charlotte, N.C., client with giving his agency the time to hone its message instead of rushing the work. “They are not a typical company,” he said. “They are very disciplined.”
As the Wenham, Mass., agency worked on the campaign in December, Thomas Reddin stepped in as’s new chief marketing officer. Reddin was previously vice president of consumer marketing for Coca-Cola USA. “His attitude is, good is not good enough. It has to be great,” Hartrich said of Reddin.
“We took a very classical approach [in preparing the campaign]–very strategic, very rigorous,” Reddin said. “We learned a lot along the way and course-corrected the final positioning.”
TV, radio, newspaper and outdoor ads will run throughout the year. It’s the first major effort for the Web site, through which consumers can seek competitive quotes from lenders offering mortgages, loans and credit cards.
One of the TV spots shows bankers waiting solemnly outside a kitchen as the home owners call them in to scoff at their offers. Print and outdoor ads contain lines such as, “100 lenders competing for your business. Well aren’t we Mr. Popular,” and “Banks fighting to lend you money. You go girlfriend.” K