LLKFB Unveils First Casio Ads

In its first significant foray into above-the-line advertising, Lieber, Levett, Koenig, Farese, Babcock next month will launch Casio’s line of palm-size computers with a print and airport display campaign.
An introductory print ad, LLKFB’s debut for the client, positions the Casiopeia E-10 as versatile and easy to use. A life-size photo of the product is labeled as if it were a palm reader’s guide, with lines such as, “Lifeline: Easy email and channel access with optional modem.” The tagline is: “We put the whole world in your hand.”
A spread juxtaposes the product with the palm of a hand, the brand’s logo. It also trumpets the Microsoft Windows-powered product’s various technical features. The ads, backed by $1 million, will appear in computer magazines, in-flight periodicals and publications such as Time and Money. Banners will also appear on the Web.
LLKFB here won the $8-10 million account in September without a review. Fresh Carats here was the prior agency. LLKFB also handles direct marketing and media planning. Active International, Pearl River, N.J., buys media.
“A lot of people say, ‘[Why] is an agency known for direct marketing doing this kind of work?'” said LLKFB chief executive Bob Lieber. “We want to take those roots and experiences and move them upstream.”
Palm-size computers are a relatively new category that is expected to grow this year as Philips and Everex also enter the fray.