Who’s this new hero who rides a skateboard, fights with a blowpipe and carries a net launcher? It’s Action Man!

The Hasbro toy, a success in Europe, is launching in the U.S. with a new TV campaign from Griffin Bacal in New York that breaks this week.

The six spots show a real-life Action Man and his nemesis, Dr. X, along with kids playing with their toy counterparts.The commercials’ tagline: “Action Man: the greatest hero of them all.”

In one ad, Dr. X is breaking artifacts in the jungle, but the voiceover says that Action Man is tracking him with his blowpipe. Then a boy helps the toy blow a dart at a beehive, which springs a swarm of bees at Dr. X. The voiceover exults, “He blows X’s plan!”

The spots combine “serious storytelling with a lighthearted touch,” said Gerry Lantz, worldwide account director on Hasbro at Griffin Bacal-DDB.

The commercials are running on networks such as Nickelodeon and Fox Family. The effort also includes a CD-ROM direct mail sampler and Web ads.