Lighthearted But No Less Serious

Disco, fruitcake and bridesmaid dresses do charity work in a trio of television spots for Alabama Power’s Project Share campaign. The effort invites customers to donate up to $5 a month to help pay the utility bills of the state’s low-income elderly or disabled.
All three 15-second spots, from Luckie & Company, immediately get to the point: “Give a dollar a month to Project Share.” Each commercial then quips that just like disco, a bridesmaid’s dress or a holiday fruitcake, “You’ll never miss it.”
The disco ad puts a white-suited John Travolta type inside a hip 21st century dance club, while the fruitcake spot shows the notoriously unpopular dessert being gradually edged off a dining room table by apple pies, chocolate cakes and other sweets until it lands on the floor with a crash.
“Project Share used to focus more on the problem than the solution,” said Mary Story, advertising manager at the Birmingham, Ala., agency. “These spots are more lighthearted, and make you feel good about giving without making the subject matter itself less serious.”
–T.W. Siebert