life imitates art, again

Rubin Postaer and Associates was asked to create a TV spot promoting convenience store chain AMPM Mini Markets “Hot Spot” prize giveaway. The grand prize was a trip to any event in
the U.S.
So RPA came up with what it thought would be a hilarious idea for the TV spots: Have a fictitious character (shown here) choose Wrestlemania as his prize–after all, who in real life would do that?
“Any guesses what our grand-prize winner chose?” asked David Smith, vice president, associate creative director on the account. “The Academy Awards? Nope. The World Series? Nope. The Super Bowl? Nope. The Final Four? Nope. After much consideration, she decided to attend Wrestlemania!”
Smith reports the client was appreciative of the Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency’s knowledge of its target audience and its “very persuasive” advertising.
–Angela Dawson