LG “Big Laundry”

Big laundry needs a big washer. That’s the message behind this spot from Young & Rubicam for the larger capacity LG washing machine. Giant pieces of clothing are scattered around a city, and the ad takes viewers
on a sweeping tour of the spectacle. Among the highlights are a humongous bra hanging on the side of a building by an equally oversized clothespin; a sock drying on a wind turbine; a baby’s onesie hovering above passing traffic; and a group of office workers peering through the lace of a camisole draped outside their window. The movement in the cinematic spot is paired with “Everything’s Big” by Here We Go Magic, atmospheric pop music that adds to the dream-like experience. The commercial ends with a voiceover explaining that the LG is “the next big thing.” The images are striking and help make the spot memorable in a category that often goes heavy on product demos or muddles the message with convoluted metaphors. This one fits just right. –Eleftheria Parpis