Levi’s “Knockout”

This new Levi’s viral from Cutwater, San Francisco, gives a refreshingly funny visual interpretation of the word “knockout.” A beautiful woman wearing Levi’s walks out of a motel room and leaves men literally falling in her wake. One man she passes tumbles backward as if hit by an invisible punch. Another falls down the stairs. The violence gets more exaggerated and funnier with each high-heeled step she takes. A driver repeatedly gets his face smashed into the steering wheel of his car. And when she bends down to pick up a guy’s keys, the grocery-bag-lugging shopper — who sneaks a peek, naturally — goes reeling, first from a blow to the stomach and then from a slow-motion, cheek-flapping bash to the face. The havoc continues, heard but unseen, inside a bodega. Bottom line: She gets a fitting comeuppance in the end, all puns intended.–Eleftheria Parpis