Levi’s “Jump In”

Are we still into stupid human tricks? From the director of Jackass, Benzo Theodore, comes a viral campaign for Levi’s via Cutwater, San Francisco, that shows people doing all sorts of jumps, flips and somersaults to get into the brand’s signature 501 jeans. The videos have a decidedly low-tech feel than what we usually see in the brand’s highly stylized spots, which will help give the brand the much-needed street-cred it seems to have been missing. They are entertaining to watch and keep your attention for the nearly two-minute clips, if only to see how far the guys will take the stunts — bouncing into them from a pogo stick and a seesaw — and when and if they miss the next one. The spots don’t mention the brand by name and you only catch fleeting glimpses of the back patch. But with a brand as ingrained into pop culture as Levi’s, that’s all you need. While the Web is flooded with user-generated look-at-what-I-can-do demos, these ads just may inject some much-needed lighthearted fun back into the brand. –Eleftheria Parpis