Levi’s Bows First TV Work From BBH

NEW YORK — Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s first TV work for Levi’s has a retro-chic feel, complete with 1970s-era cars, pale colors, urban settings and atmospheric music. Like a previous print effort, the work features Low Rise Jeans and bears the tagline, “Dangerously low.”

One spot features a 20-something woman who surreptitiously sneaks into a “chop shop,” slides into what appears to be her stolen car, starts it up and peels out into the street. It ends with the woman reaching under the front seat to retrieve a tschotchke, which she puts back on the dashboard.

Another spot features a car chase in which a young couple eludes a dark vehicle with bright fog lights. The couple then pushes their car into a harbor. Realizing he left something important inside, the guy jumps into the water and retrieves a paperback, which he stuffs into the back of his Levi’s. A closeup reveals a French dictionary, just as the woman speaks a few words of French.

The work, previewed at a Los Angeles party thrown by Levi’s Tuesday night, is scheduled to break next week. It comes on the heels of five print executions from the New York shop–the first of which broke in August magazines (Adweek, July 1).