Let’s not forget the heart and soul of the Adcenter

As a former VCU Adcenter student, I really enjoyed your article on Rick Boyko and how he’s revamping the Adcenter [“Changing Course,” Creative, Sept. 5]. He seems to be doing great things.

But let’s not forget the reason the Adcenter is here to begin with: Diane Cook-Tench. The Adcenter was her baby. Her dream. Her vision. She pioneered the Adcenter idea. And she gave everything she had to make it something really special—and 180 degrees different from every other ad school out there.

Her vision of bringing planning students into the same school with creative students helped to expand the very idea of what an ad school could do. She created a place that turned out art directors and writers who could do more than churn out slick-ass ads and way-cool books, and turned out planners who would do more than create an overtly clever brand statement. We all graduated learning how to think strategically and solve big problems. And with that, we’ll go way beyond advertising. And because of that, we owe so much to Diane Cook-Tench and her original vision. She is and will always be the heart of the Adcenter.

Amy Roy

Adcenter Class of 2000

For the record: In a Shoptalk story on his Worse Than Yours series of books [Oct. 17], Justin Racz’s name was misspelled.

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