The truth about Apple’s ‘1984’ commercial

“What’s your favorite Super Bowl spot of all time?” In the Jan. 31 issue [Creative Briefs], Nick Cohen of Mad Dogs & Englishmen says he liked Apple’s “1984” on the basis that it ran only once. I’ve heard that statement hundreds if not thousands of times. And it simply is not true.

In fact, in the 20th-anniversary edition of this fine magazine Adweek, in the section saluting the top 20 ad campaigns, the following was written about the “1984” spot: “The most often-made claim about the spot, that it only ran once, is a myth. It aired on a local station in Idaho in late 1983 and, after its 1984 Super Bowl premiere, the spot ran in the top 10 markets, in movie theaters and in West Palm Beach, Fla., the headquarters of IBM’s PC unit.”

Now, can we get on to some serious issues, like what’s the deal with those green M&Ms?

Gregg Benedikt


New York