What women do want? Their magazines

While the article “What Women Don’t Want? Soap Operas” [Nov. 1] addresses the looming quandary about the missing female daytime audience and network television’s dilemma as it experiences increased fragmentation, this key demographic, 18-49-year-old women, has consistently stayed with one media outlet—women’s service magazines.

Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook and Better Homes and Gardens have been a part of women’s lives for generations, and despite the proliferation of media, these titles have maintained their readership. In fact, the net reach of the women’s service set remains constant at nearly one in two women.

Women are busier than ever these days—working, carpooling, volunteering, helping their kids with homework, shopping, managing their households—and when they have time, they turn to quality content magazines to be engaged, entertained and informed. Magazines are the least multitasked medium, and the women’s service titles are the ones that best reflect women’s daily lives.

Laura Klein
Vp, publisher
Woman’s Day
New York