Does Speedy Spoof Go Too Far?

For a Hurl of a Good Time” [Shoptalk, Aug. 5] quotes Oscar Reza, an advertising museum board member who uses ad icons in compromising positions to promote the advertising museum as a meeting place for ad executives’ company parties. This is because “most company parties involve heavy drinking and overindulgence,” Reza explained. “So using Speedy, who typically stands for pain relief, bent over the porcelain pony, is very ironic.”

Do Alka-Seltzer and Bob’s Big Boy ad executives characterize their meetings the way Reza did? Would they throw a party at the museum after they saw their trademarks violated? Can they appreciate the irony or are they too concerned with brand integrity?

John Leone

Principal and creative director

Serino Associates

Wakefield, Mass.

Awards Don’t Move the ‘Sales Needle’

Interesting that Lorraine Duffy Merkl’s article “Late Bloomer” [A&C, Aug. 12] contained not word one about creating work that solves a client’s problem or moves the sales needle. It’s all about getting published and winning awards. No wonder clients who would never tell their doctor or lawyer how to do their job feel no such restraint when it comes to their agency.

Fritz Stoner


Stoner Bunting Advertising

Lancaster, Pa.

Aflac’s Yogi Berra Ad ‘Slays’ Reader

I was dismayed to read in May’s “Best Spots” [Creative, June 24] that Aflac’s “Berra at the Barber” “fell short of the [Aflac] pantheon.”

I’m not a Yankees fan, but it is obvious to me that the reviewer missed Yogi’s final line, “And they pay you cash, which is just as good as money.” It slays me every time, and should go down in history as a classic Yogi line.

Louise R. Cote

Owner/design director

Katmandu Studio

North Attleborough, Mass.

The photo in a news story [Aug. 12] about Jonathan Miller, the chairman/CEO of America Online, was that of John Miller, ABC News correspondent. Publicis in Mid America, Chicago, handles creative onWhirlpool Corp., not Publicis & Hal Riney, as reported [Aug. 12]. Also, media buying for Whirl pool’s KitchenAid is handled by Media Vest, New York, not Optimedia.