Staff Still Matters in an Economic Downturn

Sallie Mars’ column “People Skills” [Art & Commerce, July 16] was one of the truest, more earnest, wisest pieces I’ve read in Adweek. I nodded until my neck hurt!

If her employer, McCann-Erickson [in New York], ever fails to live up to her appropriately high expectations, she should let me know.

Mark DiMassimo
President, creative director
DiMassimo Brand Advertising
New York

I found Sallie Mars’ article wonderfully insightful and hopeful. As she points out, and as we are all aware, times are tough right now and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of negativism and paranoia.

I’ve been laid off before from ad agencies, and we’ve had several layoffs at my current shop. It’s just as hard to have to give the bad news as it is to be on the receiving end. Layoffs are hard on everyone. Those who manage to keep their jobs often feel guilty for having a job. Others become very paranoid, worried they could be next. That’s a difficult environment to work in.

I made a copy of the article and posted it on my bulletin board. I am hoping those who come by my desk will stop to read it and walk away feeling a bit more positive.

Gloria Gutierrez-Anderson
Broadcast business manager
GMO/Hill, Holliday
San Francisco

I just read Sallie Mars’ article on how to treat your employees in tough economic times. I run a 10-person shop in Phoenix, and although business remains pretty good for us, we have definitely felt the downturn. Her words brightened my morning, as sometimes I feel alone in my frustration about how to reward our people properly in this economy.

She’s right—the booms last longer than the busts. We all have to keep that in mind.

This morning, Ms. Mars’ words had a positive impact on a guy all the way across the country. I appreciate it.

Park Howell
Park & Co.