Our Man About Town Is Mad About Advertising

Neilan Tyree’s column was right on the money [Art & Commerce, Dec. 18]. It’s always puzzled me why we make ourselves so miserable in our business. Yet I know a few happy people—those who stay close to their craft (as opposed to agency politics, money or fame), and those who stay close enough to their clients to understand their needs and deliver for them.

Seems to me if you can do one or both of those you can show up for work with a smile on your face most days.

Stephen Harty

Managing director

Merkley Newman Harty

New York

As a recruiter, I hear from people when they are at their disgruntled worst and ready to leave the ad business behind. In the past two years, I’ve watched planners leave the agency side to go to dot-coms, new-media startups and consultancies. Believe it or not, I’ve recently had folks calling me because they wanted to come back to the agency side, where things are more stable!

Thanks for Neilan Tyree’s Christmas column: I’ve been giving thanks for being part of this wacky, fun-filled business for a long time.

Terri Feuerstein

Senior recruiter

Jerry Fields Associates

New York

It was with delight that I read Neilan Tyree’s “Man About Town” column [Dec. 18]. It made me think of how often people forget what it is to be a human being living in 21st-century America. We have opportunities to work in an industry of creative and intellectual capital, not rote assembly work or fending off tribal warfare and armed guerrillas.

Some free advice: Take a moment to rediscover what you love about life, and all that you’re grateful for. It will dispel all your cynicism.

Eli Kuslansky

Managing partner, business development

Unified Field, New York

Three cheers for Neilan Tyree! I have been a full-time copywriter for just over one month. So what do I know, right? I’ll tell you what I know. Writing about burgers beats flipping them any day.

Advertising is a phenomenal field. Our clients are flexible and open-minded. We do great work and have a great time. I love this job!

Tawni Haley


The Allison Agency

Little Rock, Ark.

For the Record: Dan Jaffe is executive vice president of the Association of National Advertisers [Adweek, Jan. 1].