From Phone Calls to E-mail, The Art of Communicating
Please allow me to compliment Neilan Tyree on his pithy and astute article [Art & Commerce, May 22] on communicating. As a researcher and analyst, I am heartened to read that it’s not just me!
Remember how communication was depicted in Buck Rogers, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica? They had the flip communicators and video screens. I hope someday we can all live up to those icons of technology.
Thanks for the column. You made my week.
Lisa R. Kindel
Sales administrator
eMachines Inc., New York

After the Fact: A Follow-up to Best Spots of the Decade
In the Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy ad [Best Spots of the 1990s, March 20], the woman on the bus having her hair colored by Julia Louis-Dreyfus was an actress named Julie Hayden.
She died a few years ago of a rare form of cancer. Her end was hastened by her decision to continue her pregnancy and deliver a baby girl.
Julie was a great, funny, warm sweet woman. I worked with her many times, both in commercials and on the stage.
I mention this to you because she is referred to simply as “a woman” in your synopsis, and I figure since this spot is part of her legacy it might be nice to mention her by name. I don’t mean to be sappy, but she deserves to be recognized.
April Winchell
Radio Savant Productions
Los Angeles

In the write-up for Diet Coke, you wondered where Lucky Vanous is today. I thought I’d let you know.
Lucky currently stars in the action/drama 18 Wheels of Justice; he plays an undercover agent whose cover/identity is that of a long-haul trucker. Created by King World/Eyemark and Stu Segall Productions, the show airs on the TNN cable network.
Rick Okie
Executive producer
18 Wheels of Justice
North Hollywood, Calif.

For the Record: A quote from Frank Lowe of The Lowe Group [Adweek, May 29] reflecting on John Englehart’s new post at Lowe Lintas & Partners should have read:
“Creativity drives efficiency in marketing communications, and John will exploit this advantage across traditional disciplines and geographic boundaries.” Also, Lowe Lintas & Partners was invited but did not pitch Lycos’ $25 million account.