Seducing the Boys’ Club: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Thanks for Nina DiSesa’s article [Art & Commerce, June 5]. I agree with her assessment that there is truly a difference between men and women, and we’ll all be better off if we embrace rather than deny it!
I look forward to her book.
Jane Beale
Senior vice president, director of human resources
Rapp Collins Worldwide, New York

Thanks for sharing Nina
DiSesa’s tired collection of worn-out clichƒs and dismissive generalizations about sexual dynamics in the workplace. It certainly was in keeping with what I’ve come to expect from Adweek, and I’m sure it will make an even more fascinating book.
Pat D’Amico

Beyond Bimbos: Advertising’s Impact on Adolescent Girls
Congratulations on the excerpt from Jean Kilbourne’s Deadly Persuasion [Adweek, June 5], the book that examines the impact of today’s advertising on adolescent girls. At last, we’re moving beyond the bikini/bimbo awareness level to a deeper, more complicated set of issues.
While advertisers certainly cannot take sole responsibility for today’s epidemics of eating disorders, drugs, smoking and alcohol, they can–and must–look at these deeper aspects of the female adolescent psyche. Then, they can begin to understand girls and develop new ideas and ways to sell that don’t consciously or subconsciously diminish or endanger them.
I believe, and most women I know agree, that grades 6-8 in particular are years associated with lost self-confidence and rampant confusion over identity. Aspiring to look like Barbie, Christina Aguilera or Heidi Klum is pretty discouraging for most of us, a sure setup for failure.
Advertising has the power to change those aspirations. I hope this subject receives more debate and discussion.
Mary C. Churchill, President
Churchill Communications, New Yor