Yankee Go Home?
I absolutely love the “YANKS” campaign featured in your Oct. 5 issue [Creative]. I laugh hysterically at every commercial. I’m sure it will continue to clean up at the awards shows, but I never understood why George Steinbrenner would hire an agency outside of New York to create it. After reading the article, I now understand. The campaign is not for the Yankees, it’s for Adidas. Oh! I wonder how many other people are making the same mistake?
Larry Vine
Executive vice president, creative director
Carlson & Partners, New York

Just read the article about DDB Needham and Mrs. Baird’s [Adweek Southwest, Oct. 5]. Wow! Did you feel the ground tremble? I’ll bet that’s (former chairman of Tracy-Locke) Morris Hite spinning in his grave.
Cliff Gillock
Executive art director
HK&P Advertising, Houston

For the Record
In an Agency News item [Sept. 28], the correct name of the company breaking a new campaign with New York agency Shaw & Todd is International Specialty Products in Wayne, N.J.
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