Grade Deflation?
Ishowed the report card [Agency Report Cards, April 19] to my mother, and she signed it. However, she did note that since no agency received an “A,” Adweek should have marked on a curve and given us one.
For my part, I can add that we recently ranked the top 100 advertising industry journals for the 20th century. Adweek finished in the top 10, a good 86 places ahead of Advertising Age, which trailed immediately behind The Gallagher Report, Printer’s Ink and its own “Creativity.”
There also appeared to be a typo in our write-up, but it’s probably a proofreading glitch, not a reporter’s error.
Tom Messner
Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG, New York

Editor’s note: Tom Messner is right. Due to a production error, we reported that MVBMS no longer handled the $40 million Universal Studios Escape account. It’s the $20 million Miramax media business that is no longer there.
Good Vibes Needed
As a Lintas alumnus (I started my career there in 1982), I’m always saddened to hear of the agency’s trials and tribulations. The Rick Hadala debacle [Adweek, April 12] seems to be the nadir of the shop’s uneven course. Hopefully, it will mark a turning pointLetters
What made Lintas great back in the ’80s could serve Ammirati Puris Lintas in the ’00s. Back then, as a personnel director once said, “People were bouncing off the walls.” People were enthusiastic, liked the advertising business, liked to work hard and liked their colleagues. Clients, both existing and prospective, picked up on the vibrations and thought the level of enthusiasm might serve them well. It did. And it could again serve APL well in fulfilling the manifest destiny of what I believe is a terrific agency.
Steven DiManni
Creative director
Hakuhodo Advertising, New York
For the Record
Adweek would like to make the following corrections to the chart section of its Report Cards issue [April 19]: Della Femina/Jeary & Partners, New York, with billings of $119 million and estimated revenues of $12 million, was omitted from the Eastern top 50
agencies list. The shop should have ranked No. 49 … In the Midwest top 50 agencies list, Periscope, Minneapolis, should have been listed at No. 48, with revenues of $12 million and capitalized billings of $82 million … In the Southeast top 50 agencies list, Donino, White & Partners, Atlanta, should have been listed at No. 48, with revenues of $7 million and billings of $50 million … In the Southwest top 50 agencies list, TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group, Austin, Texas, should have been listed at No. 39. The agency claims billings of $27 million and revenues of $4 million. TFA should also have been listed as
No. 7 on the Southwest top 10 gainers ranking, with a year-to-year billings increase of $13 million, up 97 percent.

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