A Letter to ‘Adweek’ Readers

Executive editor Jim Cooper discusses Adweek’s first six months and how the brand will position itself for the future

Dear Adweek Reader,

Since Adweek’s relaunch in April this year, our readers in print and online have experienced a reimagined and rejuvenated news brand.

The magazine, born from the legacy titles of Adweek, Mediaweek, and Brandweek, went through a complete redesign, which has drawn rave reviews from all corners of our readership. Simultaneously Adweek.com too was redesigned, revamped, and optimized, and the traffic has exploded since relaunch. The new Adweek was out of the gate and running.

Now, six months into its relaunch, as media, advertising, and marketing continue to experience rapid and exciting transformation, Adweek is well positioned to continue to be the leading news brand in the space. We will continue to be fast to break news, analyze that news with authority, and allow the industry’s voice to be heard through the magazine’s pages and Adweek.com.

These are exciting times. Technology is rapidly transforming the space and keeping pace with that change is indeed challenging. How do traditional media brands convert their businesses to digital? What impact does social media have on advertising? How do you connect and influence readers, users, audiences, and customers empowered with tablets and smartphones?

That’s where we come in. To help guide readers through this complex world with the highest quality journalism, we will continue to invest in products, technology, and new hires.

You will also be seeing more of us. Editorial will work closely with our publisher and events team to program impactful and informative conferences and events throughout the year. For example, our first Young Executives Lab this month proved to be such a hit with our partners and attendees that we plan to make it a regularly scheduled franchise. And our expanded Hot List franchise that, along with print, includes television and digital for the first time this year, has already drawn huge buzz and participation via our Hot List Poll on Adweek.com.

If we have learned anything in the past year, it is that those who stand still in the media business won’t be in it for long. Flexibility, partnership, and speedy execution will win the day and be the hallmarks of Adweek as we approach the future.

—Jim Cooper, executive editor, Adweek