Let’s Talk It Over

For those who would rather talk out a dispute than tell it to the judge, there’s National Arbitration & Mediation, Great Neck, N.Y., which mediates personal or business disputes.
Its ad agency, GFS/Levinson Group in New York, has begun a multitiered campaign for the arbitrator, including some straight-talking print ads for newspapers and magazines. One features a photo of a happy bride and groom. The copy reads, “Your divorce shouldn’t have to last as long as your marriage.”
Another consists of white space with these words in brackets: “In keeping with the nature of our business, we’ll keep it quick.”
The print campaign is buoyed by a unique sponsorship program for the 1998 baseball season. All Yankees and Mets games will feature a “Sports Controversy of the Week,” in which announcers choose the most noteworthy sports dispute. NAM will also sponsor the introduction of a key player: the umpire. The agency has plans to expand to the campaign to football, basketball and that most fight-prone of sports, hockey. –Sloane Lucas