Let's Talk About Brand Podcast: Branding With Influencers and Brand Conversation

Learn how to build your brand and talk to your audience

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In today’s episode of Let’s Talk About Brand, we sat down with Yash Chavan, founder of the influencer marketing platform SARAL, to discuss branding with influencers. If used properly, influencer marketing can be an incredible tool to help build your brand. Or if you want to be an influencer, it can be an incredible part of your personal brand. But whether you are the influencer, creator or you’re the consumer brand who is working with them, you have to be really careful to make sure that that influencer marketing partnership is going to build both brands in the right way. 

Also, check out last week’s episode with Brooke Sellas, founder and CEO of B Squared Media LLC, a social-first marketing agency that has a special focus on customer care.

During the conversation, they discuss the different ways conversations can take place: in public, on social media, on dark social or one on one. We talk about the team that you should have in place and how you should prepare them to make sure that those conversations put the best foot possible forward for your brand, and we delved into emerging technologies when it comes to customer conversations.