Let The Games

If the International Olympic Committee is taking a beating in the press for the way it “sold” the 2000 Winter Games to Salt Lake City, Olympic sponsors are not being tarred as much by the same media brush.
According to a survey from Baltimore agency Eisner & Associates, 31 percent of the respondents are not aware of the scandal, 39 percent are aware but do not think ill of advertisers, and nine percent are aware and–go figure–feel more positive about the sponsors.
Only 18 percent (and the survey skews older in this category) know about the situation and think less of any company that is investing in the Games.
The same poll asked which cities might be appropriate Olympic sites in the year 2012, and the winners were (in descending order): Dallas, San Francisco, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati and Houston.
–Jim Osterman