lessons learned

They don’t work for an agency, but students of Boston University’s School of Public Health are embracing broadcast media to get across some important messages. As a project for the school’s Mass Communications and Public Health course, the students haveproduced two spots promoting safe sex and blood donation.

Tagged “Be real. Be safe,” the first spot features a young man having a nightmare in which several stern-looking authority figures are preaching abstinence as his only option. When he finally wakes up, he sees a condom on his night table and, with a sigh of relief and a smile on his face, falls back asleep.

“It says for people who are sexually active that abstinence may not be the best way,” said Sarah Hamirani, one of the students who produced the spot.

The other ad features young children hailing blood donors as heroes in order to encourage continued blood donations following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Ed Carfano, a director and film producer who teaches the class, guided the students through the commercial-making process on a $2,000 budget. The spots will run as public service announcementson regional cable stations.