A Father’s Day promotion by Absolut Vodka may receive a mixed response from consumers on June 15 if the results of a brief, informal poll conducted by Adweek are anything to go by.

A bulky insert created by TBWA Chiat/Day in New York will fall out of 250,000 copies of The New York Times on that Sunday. The insert consists of a blue envelope with a cellophane window in the shape of the familiar Absolut bottle icon, and the words ‘Absolut Dad’ beneath it. The pattern on the envelope, and the silk tie revealed by the window, is formed by dozens of swimming sperm with bottle-shaped heads.

The phrase ‘You’re one in a million. Happy Father’s Day.’ appears on the flap.

Reactions to the promo from a few men who were shown it last week varied widely.

‘It’s revolting. No one would wear that tie–it’s sperm for God’s sake,’ was the most negative response. ‘Cool tie. I’d wear it,’ was the most positive. Between the two poles, more than one man described it as ‘tacky.’

‘I think people know Absolut (ads are) tongue-in-cheek and will take it in that spirit,’ said an Absolut representative.

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