A League Of Their Own

This fall, several of Boston’s new media companies will be going head to head not in cyberspace, but on the bowling lanes.
It’s the interactive answer to advertising agency softball teams, explained Lisa DeSisto, marketing manager for Boston.com and a league organizer.
“We realized we’re not athletic enough to start a softball team,” DeSisto admitted. “But it is a serious league; we’ll have handicaps, and you can’t use deadwood to knock down the pins or anything like that.”
Teams of five players will compete each week at Lanes & Games in Cambridge, Mass., vying for the coveted Candlepin Cup, an end-of-the-season award for the best team.
Companies already flocking to the lanes include: Strategic Interactive Group, Digital City Boston, BBN Planet, Forrester Research, Phoenix Media Group, Boston Sidewalk and Litlenet. DeSisto reports there are openings available for other teams, and the league has yet to agree on a name.
The Boston.com group, however, will probably be the best-dressed team, having ordered authentic bowling shirts from Web site Bowlorama. -Sarah Jones