Late-Week Tumbles

Stocks tumbled on Thursday and Friday last week, as a number of poor indicators—including declining consumer confidence, fears of another interest rate hike and increasing oil and import prices—contributed to investor unease. The Dow Jones slipped 203.63 points to close at 11,380.99 on Friday, while the Nasdaq fell 94.47 points to close at 2,243.78. For the most part, ad stocks also suffered as Interpublic Group (2.9 percent), Publicis (1.02 percent) and WPP (1.5 percent) prices slid. Coming out on top was Omnicom, which finished the week up 1.39 points to close at 91.81.

tainty as to how strong the recovery is going to be, and that’s having a slight dampening effect on stocksas American Depository Receipts on the Nasdaq, fell as the week ended, as analysts said the recovery from the ad recession is still percent to finish at $46.05.